SwiftPointSDK 3.0

You don't need anything special to create a Swift Point template
3.0 (See all)

If you are a web design agency interested in creating Swift Point templates, this section contains all of the information you need to make your designs work with Swift Point.
You don't need anything special to create a Swift Point template; you can design the website in the same way you normally do. Once you're ready, you just insert some special place-holders that will be used by the Swift Point Engine to populate the template with data.

When you're designing the site, it helps if you bear the following points in mind.

1. CSS Dependencies. In order to supply some built-in functionality for searches, result lists and editing, there are some standard CSS definitions that should be included in your style sheet. The full details can be obtained from our example template, which you can find in our downloads section.
2. Available Elements. Please view the full list of available elements that you can use when you are creating the template.
3. General Content Management Considerations. It is worth bearing in mind the way in which Content Management Systems use your template. The main considerations are that you can't predict the number of menu options or the length of the content, as the user may decide to add new pages and create very short, or very long pages. If a new menu item is added to the website, will it break the design?

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